The Kinjo Story

Founded by Graham Ford, Purna Gurung
and Nabin Ghale in November 2022, Kinjo is
the first of its kind to hit the Surrey suburbs.

From Oxted to Cobham

It’s our mission to bring the best of traditional, high-quality Japanese food to towns across the UK. We love the variety and range of dishes that Japanese cuisine offers, with our head chef Nabin creating a menu that allows all of our customers a sense of exploring and discovering new Japanese flavours.

Our restaurants provide a modern take on Japanese interiors and styling with hand dyed cyanotype fabrics and artwork featuring on the walls alongside cosy Japanese style booth tables.

The Team

Our head chef Nabin Ghale champions a modern take on traditional Japanese cooking. Nabin brings his years of experience training in Japan, and working at premium Japanese restaurants as head chef at Tora and Fukuru in New York and previously head chef at Sake No Hana, London.

Purna Gurung and Graham Ford are co-founders of Kinjo alongside Nabin – each with over 30 years restaurant experience going into the creation of Kinjo.